Bond Market Data

Remark :
1. The base date is 4 January 2021.
2. The net total return indices are calculated by applying the withholding tax rates to accrued interest and coupon payments on all coupon bonds. The tax rates may change from time to time due to changes to the withholding tax rate applicable in Thailand. The current and historical withholding tax rate is 15%.
3. Group 1 [ttm=1] covers 0.5<ttm<=1.5. Group 2 [ttm=2] covers 1.5<ttm<=2.5. Group 3 [ttm=3] covers 2.5<ttm<=3.5. Group 4 [ttm=4] covers 3.5<ttm<=4.5. Group 5 [ttm=5] covers 4.5<ttm<=5.5.
4. For the calculation manual of the index, please click here.