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The Thai Bond Market Association introduced the communication and information service called "Thai BMA Bond Information Service, BIS" available for Thai BMA dealer-members and market participants since May 4, 1999. The service is available through the internet and includes a full coverage of the Thai bond market data which serves as a tool for efficient trade and investment. It also provides users easily access to the latest market information and other services via internet network. Thai BMA BIS comprises of the following functions :
iBond functions

Registered Bond
provides fundamental information on features of registered bond such as issue information (issue date, size, maturity date, par value, outstanding value, type of bond, coupons, etc.), registration records (registrar, underwriter, etc.), Bond movement ( last, weighted average executed price/yield, date) and other relevant information such as table of cash flows, latest auction results, term and conditions of call and put options, etc.
Bond Search
provides information on TBMA registered bonds that can be sorted by several criteria such as type of bonds, time to maturity, issue date, coupon type, etc. The data can be downloaded into spreadsheet.
Bond Update
provides latest registered bond information comprising of XI and coupon payment schedule, Redemption Schedule and Financial Covenant Reporting.
Bond Calculation
provides real-time calculation of price / yield, accrued interest, duration, convexity and etc. for varying types of bonds
Trading Statistics
comprise of Trading Movement and Trading Summary. Trading Movement provides movement of price/ yield, trading value, spread and quotation for maximum 5 selected bonds. The data can be downloaded into spreadsheet. Trading data is based on transactions reported by Thai BMA's 46 dealer-members. Trading Summary provides trading data on the specified date or during the specified period. The data include high /low yield, last and weighted average executed yield and trading value of each traded bonds.
TBMA reports

comprise of the followings :
- Thai Bond Daily Report (daily) reportson end-of-day market prices as well as total trading value and Government Bond Index. Data include best bid, best offer, average bid, last executed, weighted average executed and previous executed. The Thai BMA Daily Report is available after 1700 hours on each trading day
- Thai Bond Update (weekly) reportson ThaiBMA Reference yield, Government Bond Index, weekly turnover, weekly price movement, registered bond information update, new registered bonds and market news.
- Thai Bond Summary (monthly) reports on ThaiBMA Reference Yield, Government Bond Index, bond monthly turnover, monthly price movement, bond information update in both primary and secondary markets.
- Registered Bonds in Thai BMA (monthly) provides features and information on registered bond issues such as credit ratings, coupons, issue dates, maturities, Ex-coupon dates, etc.
Other information available on Thai BMA web page free-of-charge include :
- Government Bond Yield Curve (updated daily)
- TBMA Government Bond Index (updated daily)
- Market movement and trading statistics ( weekly and monthly)

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